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Jurna Recreation Farm,  Upa Village Kaarma Parish,  Estonia, Roe deer, Elk, Red deer, Wild boar, Goose, Duck

Jurna Recreation Farm

Upa Village Kaarma Parish, Estonia
Roe deer, Elk, Red deer, Wild boar, Goos...

Jurna Recreation Farm has been working with the local hunting authourity for nearly 13 years now and we have catered for hunters from countries such as Italy, Austria, Finland , Norway,Germany and others. The main game people come to hunt in Saaremaa is wild boar. The season for this particular animal lasts from 1st of June to 28th of February. However the best hunting time is from September to February. Also very popular is bird hunting (duck & goose). The season for this is from 20th of August to 30th of November.We have very good hunting conditions at reeded coastal grounds only 30-45 minutes by car from the accommodation. Inland goose shooting in the morning and in the evening. Shooting in the coastal areas 24 hours a day. Bagged birds belong to the shooter.

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