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Klein Brabantse Shooting Club,   2870 Ruisbroek   Puurs,  Belgium, Clay target

Klein Brabantse Shooting Club

2870 Ruisbroek Puurs, Belgium
Clay target

Klein Brabantse Shooting club is a shooting club Situated between the city of Brussels and Antwerp. Many Belgian hunters know this shooting club very well, as it is the location for the Belgian Hunting exam. (This also means that you always have to contact the cub before heading over, as the club might be reserved for the hunting school).

Clay Pigeon shooting is the art of shooting at a moving target, named the "Clay Disk" with a shotgun.

Klein Brabantse Shooting club offers:

Game simulated parcours :This parcours is a shooting discipline that is similar to shooting on natural game, with as biggest difference that is strictly prohibited to shoot at any living target.
Compaq sporting is very similar tot the game simulated parcours. 5 shooting pegs are put in a row and where shooter shoots at his/her turn. On every peg the shooter is presented with 5 clays. The best discipline to have a friendly competition with friends.
For Universal Trap shooting we use 5 machines that are posted on different highs, shoot at different speeds and from different angles.

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