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Kmg Hunting Safaris, ,  South Africa, Oribi, Bush buck, Sable, Grysbok, Bushpig, Rhebok, Warthog, Klipspringer antelope, Hartebeest, Springbok, Black wildebeest, Limpopo bushbuck, Biesbok, Baboon, Lynx, Bontebok, Ostrich, Mountain reedbuck, Cape buffalo, Lechwi, Duiker, Blue wildebeest, Barbary sheep, Impala, Kudu, Waterbuck, Cape eland, Lion, Burchells zebra, Gemsbok, Steenbok, Fallow deer, Reed buck, Nyala, Greater kudu, Blue duiker, Jackal

Kmg Hunting Safaris

, South Africa
Oribi, Bush buck, Sable, Grysbok, Bushpi...

KMG Hunting Safaris are for hunters by hunters. From your time of arrival, you will be treated to the hunting experience that you deserve. Our passion for hunting and vast experience in the industry allows us to assure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We fully believe in the spirit of fair chase in all of our hunting endeavors and our stance on conservation through hunting is evident by the abundance of game in our hunting areas. KMG Hunting Safaris offers both plains game and dangerous game hunting safaris across the entire South Africa, depending on the hunters’ needs, as well as neighbouring countries for specialized species. We also offer a variety of activities for hunters as well as the non hunters which includes deep sea fishing trips and game drives among others, to lunch in a cave with native bushman drawings scattered on the overhanging walls, telling a century's worth of history, locked in time forever. Whether you hunt Africa for the first time, as an experienced hunter or battle hardened bwana, the Dark Continent's impact on our lives never seems to fade. Africa gets born inside all of us. When we are not trekking across her face, she calls out to us to return. This is what we do. This is Africa.

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