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Lax Á Angling Club Greenland, Narsassuaq,  Greenland, Atlantic salmon, Arctic char

Lax Á Angling Club Greenland

Narsassuaq, Greenland
Atlantic salmon, Arctic char

Greenland is the wildest place on earth for char fishing. There are thousands of rivers and lakes, full of Arctic Char. Because of the enormous territory and relatively few inhabitants, many of these fishing areas are hardly fished at all and some rivers have not seen an angler – ever.
The fishing is on a voluntary catch and release basis, mostly light tackle fishing. The size of the fish is 1-7 lbs + and there is plenty of it. The local guides are excellent and know the area extremely well. The river mouths are often very productive when the char runs up the rivers. The lakes that are connected to the ocean, by clear rivers, provide the best fishing but the fjords are also extremely productive in the early part of the season. Char start to gather in the fjords near the river mouths in the end of June and begin to move into the rivers in the beginning of July. This abundance of Arctic char – and the magnificent nature, truly makes this a fishing paradise!

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