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Lebanon Tourism,  2nd Floor Jeita Highway,  Lebanon, Grouper, Bonito, Bass, Trevally, Bream, Greater amberjack, Bluefish, Atlantic bonito, Mullet, Other fish

Lebanon Tourism

2nd Floor Jeita Highway, Lebanon
Grouper, Bonito, Bass, Trevally, Bream, ...

Fishing trips are a great way to break from traditional tourism excursions and to offer yourself one of the most unforgettable experiences in Lebanon. What could be more fun than catching dorade fish with Lebanon coastal mountains as a backdrop! The boat fleet consists of central console boats, walk around style, with a capacity of up to 8 passengers. Boats are equipped with safety equipment. Your fishing experience last half a day and starts from the fishing Dbayeh Marina. Each boat is led by an experienced captain who will sail north towards the magnificient Jounieh bay where he will stop you right above his secret fishing spot ;) The Captain will also provide with plenty of useful information about the Lebanese coastal areas and of course about fishing. Trips Schedule: Four outings are operated everyday of the week as follows: 6AM to noon time, noon time to 6PM, 6PM to midnight, midnight to 6AM. Timing can be adjusted if the boats are not fully booked.

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