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Maria Talu,  Kõpu,  Estonia, Wolf, Brown bear, Lynx, Moose, Elk, Wild goat, Wild boar, Pheasant

Maria Talu

Kõpu, Estonia
Wolf, Brown bear, Lynx, Moose, Elk, Wild...

Moose and wild boar hunting in Estonia Fotojaht Maria Talus Faasanijat Maria Talus In Maria Farm, people interested in hunting have the chance to shoot with a gun or photo camera. It is possible to hunt roes, wild boars, moose, brown bears, lynx, wolves and beavers in the forests of Pärnu County. Hunt takes place approximately half an hour away from Pärnu in hunting grounds where there is an excellent game fund. Moose hunt is the most preferred one but wild boar and billy-goat hunt are also popular.

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