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Chinguitty Voyages, ,  Mauritania, Warthog, Grouse, Dove, Duck, Grouper, Tuna, Shark, Bream, Sea trout, Wildfowl

Chinguitty Voyages

, Mauritania
Warthog, Grouse, Dove, Duck, Grouper, Tu...

Chinguitty voyages LTD, leader travel agency in Mauritania, West Africa, with more than 13 years of success and experience in the tourism industry, (since 2003) Local partner in Mauritania for more than 21 foreign companies (Tour operators / travel agencies / other companies) from Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa Chinguitty voyages LTD Received tourists/clients from more than 50 countries in the world Sport fishing tours on the Atlantic Ocean – 8 days (Sport fishing in one of the richest places in the world for fish, Arguin park beach on the Atlantic ocean, enjoy big captures of rare fishes, guitarfish, shark, croakers, captains, grouper, tuna, sea trout, sea bream and more! ) Tours for Hunting of warthogs and birds – 5days (Unique experience in Hunting camp in south of Mauritania, in one of the richest areas in warthogs in all Africa, big trophies of warthogs up to more than 30 cm!)

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