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Mega Fishing Thailand, Thailand, Barramundi, Bass, Alligator gar, Peacock bass, Perch, Barb, Carp, Catfish

Mega Fishing Thailand

Barramundi, Bass, Alligator gar, Peacock...

We use the most reputable and professional fishing guides in Thailand, we are specialists in providing organised guided daily fishing trips, Thailand fishing holidays, and angling adventures around Bangkok, Chiang mai and Southern Thailand. Try lure, fly and bait fishing for the world's largest carp, catfish and predator fish species. Choose from a varied range of Thailand fishing destinations, Target a particular fish species, create your own fishing holiday by combining day and multi-day trips with sightseeing and shopping or just let us do all the work for you by utilizing our Mega Fishing Thailand network that stretches from Chiang mai in the North of the country to Koh Tao and Phuket in Southern Thailand. You just need to sit back and get ready for the fishing trip of a lifetime in the land of the mega monster fishing experience that is Thailand! Enjoy Carp fishing in Thailand, go to Bangkok or Chiang mai to fish for Giant Siamese carp, day trips, multiday and fishing resort holidays available.

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