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Mountain Hunters,  Rd 12 Masterton5872 New,  New Zealand, Rusa deer, Sika deer, Tahr, Goat, Wapiti, Sambar deer, Elk, Fallow deer, Red deer, Chamois, Wild boar

Mountain Hunters

Rd 12 Masterton5872 New, New Zealand
Rusa deer, Sika deer, Tahr, Goat, Wapiti...

New Zealand is a big game hunters paradise! Our 12 different big game animals were introduced in the late 1800s/early 1900s and thrived in our abundant lush environment. With no natural predators animal populations grow quickly and can be managed for trophy hunting effectively. There is no government imposed big game hunting season so we hunt from February until July for most big game animals. Between the North and South Island we have 10 different hunting locations we can utilize for our clients, both high fenced and free ranging. 20,000 Acres of which are private land which we have long term leases on or privately own. This allows us the control to manage the game for quality trophies.

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