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New Zealand Trout Adventures,  New Zealand,  New Zealand, Brown trout, Kingfish, Rainbow trout, Trout

New Zealand Trout Adventures

New Zealand, New Zealand
Brown trout, Kingfish, Rainbow trout, Trout

The Nelson area abounds in spectacular beauty and is home to a good population of hard fighting brown trout. Because of the amazing clarity of the rivers these fish are almost all sighted before the cast is made. So, you can see the action happening right in front of you. Most of the rivers that I guide on hold trout with an average size of above 4lb. Some extra special places have an average size of over 6lb! On a good number of days, trout of trophy size (10lb+) are encountered.
Sight fishing for large brown trout in some of New Zealands most scenic and remote wilderness regions. We can arrange day and multi-day trips for people of all abilities and requirements. Acess to these remote locations is either by 4x4 vehicle or Helicopter. Overnight campouts are an excellent option for those who like to case trophy size fish and who like to be surrounded by nature. Fishing packages can be taylored to suit anyone, so do'nt hesitate and give us a call.

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