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Offroad Expedition, Ltd P.O.B 372,  Mongolia, Wolf, Roe deer, Gazelle, Ibex, Wild boar, Partridge, Hazel grouse, Goose, Duck, Sturgeon, Sockeye salmon, Perch, Northern pike, Burbot, Trout

Offroad Expedition

Ltd P.O.B 372, Mongolia
Wolf, Roe deer, Gazelle, Ibex, Wild boar...

OffRoad Expeditions gave us an unforgettable view of Mongolia. We camped, we drove, we saw wildlife - and with our jeep were masters of our own itinerary. I had never thought a Russian jeep would prove such a versatile machine. They seem perfectly designed for Mongolia - able to go almost anywhere, easy to fix. They leave the Land Cruisers standing. But I suppose they are only as good as their drivers - and in Gamba, we had a magician of the roads. Immensely competent and reliable, an English speaker, knowledgeable in all sorts of fields, but above all a good and thoughtful travelling companion, he made our two-week journey a pleasure as well as an adventure. Thank you." Writer Philip and Charlotte Marsden, England. OffRoad Expeditions is a wholly owned Mongolian company, duly incorporated and registered in Mongolia The core of business promotion and success relies on our highly competent and professional guides. We do our best to arrange tours based on wishes and preferences of our future clients

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