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Ostoja Hunting,  Poznań,  Poland, Roe deer, Raccoon dog, Fox, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Wild boar, Partridge, Goose, Pheasant, Other big game, Other small game

Ostoja Hunting

Poznań, Poland
Roe deer, Raccoon dog, Fox, Fallow deer,...

Our company is located in West Poland, in Poznań. We are licensed hunting organizer acting on the basis of licence No 32 issued by the Ministry of Environment. We belong to the guarantee fund, whose patron is the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development at the Office of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region. This fund aims to protect the interests of our clients Organization of hunting is a specific domain which requires a lot of experience. We have collected the experience for many years and still collect it because each hunting is a new adventure that contributes something new. Multigenerational, family tradition of hunt became passion for us, therefore, now we offer hunting trips designed to meet your expectations. Our hunting areas continuously attract hunters from western Europe keen on watching strong red-stags, roe-bucks, fallow-stags, muflons and wild-boars living in their natural environment. During your stay in Poland, the whole time you are assured of our care. At your disposal, we give a translator, who resides with you in the hunting area. He will help you in dealing with many things, above all, is the person - the link between you and our office. Of course you can always contact us directly by phone and we will be happy to help also solve the potential problem. Our tradition is, that we try, as far as possible, to visit all the groups, that come to us for hunting, which is helpful in our dealings in the future. In this way, we want to show you, that we sell are not the product of hunting only service for others We organize a big or small game hunting, stalking, high seat or driven hunt in many excellent areas in Poland. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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