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Ozren Outdoor,  Doboj,  Bosnia And Herzegovina, Wolf, Brown hare, Roe deer, Fox, Wild boar, Pheasant, Duck, Bream, Salmon, Northern pike, Trout, Carp, Catfish, Chub

Ozren Outdoor

Doboj, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Wolf, Brown hare, Roe deer, Fox, Wild bo...

Hunters association “ozren” is active in the area of petrovo municipality, and is organised in 6 clubs, namely petrovo, kakmuž, soškovac, karanovac, porječina and krtova.our hunters association manages the hunting-ground of 13,120 ha out of which hunting area is 10,500 ha. Hunting-ground is rich with roe-buck, hare, pheasant, wild boar, furred game and wolf. Our membership have also built all necessary infrastructure in the hunting-area necessary for protecting and feeding of animals, hunters’ gatherings and actuall hunting.we have more than 20 feeding places, 6 hunting lodges, 2 hunting cabins and 6 high shooting stands. Traditional gathering and the event organised by our association is “the hunt on wild boar” that takes place in december every year. We can also offer: -hiking-paragliding-mountaineering

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