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Pampa Hunter, Luján,  Argentina, Mountain lion, Pere david deer, Peccary, Axis deer, Goat, Brocket deer, Sheep, Water buffalo, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Blackbuck antelope, Wild boar

Pampa Hunter

Luján, Argentina
Mountain lion, Pere david deer, Peccary,...

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Pampa Hunter® is the name of the operator of the Estate, which is an asset of the famous and long-standing Estancia La República-Villa María. The Estancia has more than 100,000 acres and is located at the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It started operations in 2009, upon special invitations only. Estancia La República-Villa María, has been devoted to the breeding and preservation of several Argentine indigenous and exotic animals for the last 30 years. It has been awarded golden medal prizes by renowned Argentine Breeding Associations and International Associations as well. For the last 30 years, Estancia La República has been chosen as the best breeder of Criollo Horses. Also, our Braford, Brahman and Criollo Bulls, as well as Holando Argentina Cattle, among other animals, have taken part in competitions and have won several local and international prizes for the Estancia La República-Villa María. Furthermore, in our privately-owned hunting block we have Red Stag (blood lines from Morpheus and Hannibal DG, as images show), Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Water Buffalo, Capybara, Collared Peccary, White-Lipped Peccary, European Boar, Mouflon, Multyhorned Sheep, Feral Goat, Red and Grey Brocket, Pheasants, Ducks, Geese, Partridges, Turkeys and many other species.

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