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Point Blank Hunts, 130a Zgornji Brnik,  Slovenia, Deer, Alpine ibex, Bighorn sheep, Mountain goat, Chamois

Point Blank Hunts

130a Zgornji Brnik, Slovenia
Deer, Alpine ibex, Bighorn sheep, Mountain goat, Chamois

Point Blank Hunts Triple Chamois Hunt

We hunt our Alpine Chamois almost entirely in Slovenia. The area is near lake Bled just 45 minutes from the Nation's Capital and Airport Lubijana.
The country is high but road access is very good.
The Slovenia Alpine Chamois Season is August 1- December 31

We hunt the Balkan Chamois in 4 counties; Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, & Croatia. The best is Macedonia followed by Croatia.
In Macedonia we hunt on a large government reserve only 1 hour south of Skopje. This area could be the very best Chamois hunt in the world. So far most of our clients have taken their Chamois in 1 day.
Croatia is also good. The hunting areas in Croatia are located in high and arid mountains which fall right into the sea.

The Carpathian Chamois we hunt on the extreme Southern Carpathian Mountains. The climate is influenced by both the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Due to the southern position we can hunt the entire season.
I feel the Carpathian Chamois is the most difficult to hunt. We hunt them on cliffs generally surrounded by trees. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get to these areas. Also the infrastructure is much poorer then most countries.
Traga Jiu is about a 12 hour drive from the hunting area in Slovenia but only 7 hours from the hunting area in Macedonia.

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