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Ponoi River Co,  Gorod Murmansk,  Russia, Atlantic salmon, Salmon

Ponoi River Co

Gorod Murmansk, Russia
Atlantic salmon, Salmon

What other Atlantic salmon river in the world can boast a per-rod, per-week average of 30 or more fish across an 18-week season over more than 20 years? Generally the spring season averages 30 to 40+ fish per rod, the summer 20 to 30 fish and the autumn 20 to 35 fish per rod. For guests to catch over 100 fish in a week is not uncommon. If you want to be certain of catching a salmon, Ponoi is undoubtedly the most reliable option, even in the worst conditions. It is these simple facts that make Ryabaga Camp on the Ponoi 'Incomparable'.

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