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Southern Lodges Argentina, La Pampa Province,  Argentina, Dall sheep, Deer, Himalayan tahr, Ostrich, Antelope, Axis deer, Goat, Puma, Hog, Feral sheep, Fox, Water buffalo, Four horned sheep, Feral goat, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Wild cat, Blackbuck antelope, Wild boar, Partridge, Pigeon, Geese, Dove, Duck, Brown trout, Atlantic salmon, Dorado, Sea trout, Lake trout, Rainbow trout, Trout, Other small game

Southern Lodges Argentina


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La Pampa Province, Argentina
Dall sheep, Deer, Himalayan tahr, Ostric...
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Southern Lodges is a family company committed to customize your hunting trip. Our vision is to develop a "Unique hunting experience". At Southern Lodges, our team provides excellent service in and outside the Lodge. Our hunters, guides and trackers will ensure the ultimate outdoor experience while our team of chefs, waiters and housekeepers will take care of the rest. Over the years, the demands of our customers evolve and so we are constantly reevaluating our operations; the game, the hunting grounds, and the services provided by our lodge and staff. Southern Lodges is located in La Pampa, Neuquen and Buenos Aires Province, and all our hunting operations are carried out within a 300 miles radius! Argentina is considered as one of the most important worldwide destinations for cinergetic tourism for the American and European market. A sportsman knows a successful trip is more than the collection of trophies, it is an enjoyable experience in the field and camaraderie with friends and family. The chase and the challenge of the unknown and dealing with changing conditions are just some of the factors that draw us to the sport. In Southern Lodges we take hunting very seriously, and all clients are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect. Our team of professionals is dedicated to give our clients absolute customer satisfaction and that is the reason why 80% of our clients are repeat customers. We ensure high success rates with top-notch equipment and with experienced and hard-working guides. We appreciate your interest in our operation and look forward to serving you this season on your next big game adventure. Southern Lodges is committed to the idea that the best advertisement is by word of mouth of our satisfied clients.

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La Pampa Lodge

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