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Sunnyroth Villas,  Zalakaros,  Hungary, Bream, Northern pike, Carp, Catfish

Sunnyroth Villas

Zalakaros, Hungary
Bream, Northern pike, Carp, Catfish

zalakaros is a lovely town set in the south west of hungary and it boasts some of the most beautiful wildlife in europe. - since joining the e u in 2004 hungary has become a popular tourist destination, due to it’s cheap holidays, excellent weather and good exchange rate. at the moment one pound will buy you 270 - 350 forints.- hungary is also a popular tourist choice because of it’s vast array of therapeutic spa pools, which remain at thirty two degrees all year round, [both indoor and outdoor]. these pools have proven to be of great benefit to the handicapped, the elderly, rheumatic conditions etc. and they offer all kinds of therapeutic massage and reflexology treatments too. - the vast thermal spa complex in zalakaros boasts a range of bars and restaurants as well as water-slides and wave-pools.the whole family can be occupied for a whole day for very little money. - the complex is open 365 days a year thus making it an ideal place to visit during the quieter winter months.- the spa complex is only one kilometre from sunnyroth villas, and because we have excellent cycle paths, it is a lovely stroll or push, to the centre.- also new for 2012 in zalakaros,segway hire.- there is a wide variety of bars and restaurants and a family of four could enjoy a three course meal with drinks, for approximately 12,000 ft - next to the spa complex is the local market which sells local handicrafts etc.there is a chemist, post office, bicycle hire, small fairground and a couple of supermarkets, plus various other shops, too numerous to mention.- the local nightclub is also near the spa complex and here you can enjoybalaton regattakaraoke as well. - the night club is 1.5 km from the villas,so no nosie of the club at the villas,plus theres only 1 night club . in high season every two weeks, the locals hold wine festivals, with food and handicraft stalls and hungarian entertainment. - hungarians love to go fishing, and it’s no wonder, because there is a plethora of fishing lakes. the two largest ones are, kis balaton, which is only a few kilometres away and lake balaton, which is fifty miles wide and stunningly beautiful, about a half hour drive away.- on certain days of the year, the hungarian rowing teams have tournaments on the balaton, and this is spectacular.

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