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Tabakov Hunting Bureau,  83,  Bulgaria, Wolf, Brown hare, Brown bear, Roe deer, Lynx, Wild goat, Fox, Fallow deer, Golden jackal, Mouflon sheep, Red deer, Wild cat, Chamois, Wild boar, Partridge, Woodcock, Quail, Pheasant, Capercaillie

Tabakov Hunting Bureau

83, Bulgaria
Wolf, Brown hare, Brown bear, Roe deer, ...

Dear Hunting Guests, After the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union, we belong to the “great European family”. Our activity as a State Forestry Agency is in unison with the European legislation and the Directives, related to the protection of game habitat and our priority tasks are the conservation and increase of all species of bigger and smaller game, inhabiting the territory of our country. Hunting in Bulgaria has thousands of years of history and traditions, which harmonize with the modern manner of hunting. Our advantages are convincing - with no doubt, the high quality of the big game hunting trophies, the cozy hunting lodges, the professionalism of our employees, the kept traditions, and not at least, the unique beautiful nature. The quality of the gained trophies throughout the years is the best sign for you how a hunting destination is worth following. Moreover, Bulgaria has proved this. Since 1930, Bulgarian hunting trophies are present at international hunting exhibitions and their high appraisals are the most serious proof for the leading role of Bulgaria in hunting. So far, from the exhibited trophies, 2850 have won gold medals, 1635 – silver medals and 1087- bronze medals. Bulgaria has already four world records of red deer, as well as the present one. The world record of wildcat /fur/ - 82, 99 CIC points, is Bulgarian also. The national record of wild boar - 158, 20 CIC points had been a world record for 18 years /until 2004/. The beautiful nature of Bulgaria is inhabited by 16 000 red deer, 4 500 fallow deer, 75 000 roe deer, 50 000 wild boars, 2 200 mouflons, 1 800 chamois, 2 700 capercaillies, 900 brown bears, hundreds of pheasants, partridges, rock partridges, and passages of migratory birds – quail, geese and woodcocks. The excellent exterior and trophy characteristics of the big game, especially of the populations of red deer and wild boar, as well as the good stocks of fallow deer and mouflons, meet your high requirements for hunting and gaining capital trophies. Driven hunting of wild boar is an emotion that is worth feeling in our Hunting Areas. Every year Bulgaria welcomes over 8000 foreign hunters, most of which are permanent guests. You are most welcome too! At your disposal will be over 600 000 ha hunting territories, 110 hunting residencies, hunting lodges and cabins, located in the most beautiful places of our unique landscape. We offer you all necessary conditions and services for an unforgettable and successful hunting. We are looking forward to welcome you as hunting guests in Bulgaria! Hunting salutes!

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