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Treetops , Rotorua,  New Zealand, Rusa deer, Sika deer, Sambar deer, Elk, Fallow deer, Red deer, Wild boar, Turkey, Pheasant, Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Trout


Rotorua, New Zealand
Rusa deer, Sika deer, Sambar deer, Elk, ...

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Treetops Lodge and Estate, is one of New Zealand's most unique luxury lodge and wilderness experiences, it is located only 20 minutes from Rotorua — New Zealand's famed thermal, cultural and lakes wonderland. This New Zealand owned Lodge is located in the heart of a 2,500 acre carefully managed eco and wilderness park — a New Zealand wildlife safari. The ultimate in privacy is assured, with only 12 villas and suites providing peace, tranquility, ambience and atmosphere, where you will find the highest spatial ratio of any Lodge in the country. Not only is there superb quality, but gourmet food — focusing on the finest of New Zealand produce and wine complemented by a relaxed environment, to meet your every mood. Dining can be intimate, private, exclusive, formal or communal — the choice is yours. Treetops is a family friendly lodge and boasts of being the most "seamless lodge in the country" — walk out your door and participate in an endless array of recreational activities such as 70 km's of hiking trails, hunting for trophy red deer, sika, fallow, elk, rusa and samba along with pigs, pheasants, turkeys and possums. We also boast some spectacular fly fishing in the area, streams, lakes and heli-fishing. There are a myriad of things to do for the non hunters and fishers: eco-tours, mountain biking, heli sightseeing and wine tours, photographic safaris, horse trekking, pampering, tours of the Rotorua site, relaxing and much more. Have a look at our accommodation options. Hunting at Treetops is all about quality of trophies taken in the field. With 2,500 acres of picturesque, native bush and clearings, a spot and stalk type of hunting applies. We have six species of deer, pigs and a healthy population of free range pheasants to harvest each year.

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