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Vamos Expeditions,  114 Of.  ,  Peru, Smallmouth bass, Bass, Tuna, Yellowfin tuna, Dorado, Shark, Largemouth bass, Striped marlin, Barracuda, Black marlin, Other fish

Vamos Expeditions

114 Of. , Peru
Smallmouth bass, Bass, Tuna, Yellowfin t...

Peru holds the world´s record for fish diversity. Here, the sheer quantity of fish being spawned along the coast and in rivers and lakes of the Andes and the Amazon is mind boggling. There are three Amazonian species considered trophies in the world of fishing: the chambira or payara, the tucunare (peacock bass), and the dorado. Due to its perfect coastal position between the cold Humboldt and the warm Nino currents, Peru is able to offer 700 different varieties of fish and 400 varieties of shellfish! In the north, the beaches of Cabo Blanco and Mancora are famous sites for marlin fishing, where a world record breaking specimen weighted 1542 pounds was caught! There, beneath the waters, await even larger marlins for the intrepid to come along and be conquered. FISHING TRIP IN NORTHERN PERU The North coast of Peru is an excellent place to fish and to enjoy nature, beautiful beaches, great food and the year-round excellent weather. Join us on a personalized fishing trip with a small group of friends or family and enjoy an experience of a life-time in the same place as the famous writer Ernest Hemmingway did. We offer coastal trolling, deep fishing and bottom bait fishing.

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