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Whitfield Sporting,  Hexham,  United Kingdom, Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant

Whitfield Sporting


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Hexham, United Kingdom
Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant
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Blessed with 15,000 acres of very sporting terrain set in beautiful countryside, whitfield estate is widely considered to offer some of the finest grouse, partridge and pheasant shooting in the uk. Our mission statement is in our name and can be summed up in one word: ‘sporting’! Unlike some shoots we do not consider the day is about shooting as big a bag as possible. Instead we believe it is about memorab le birds, those shots you remember for years to come, great company and a thoroughly good lunch. Head keeper stuart maughan is renowned for his ability to show a steady stream of very testing birds to the guns. Most of our days are around 250-300 birds (although we can do more). But because the shooting is so testing you can have more shooting and more fun on a 250 bird day at whitfield than on a 500 bird day elsewhere – but at around half the cost. That has to make sense! We believe a shoot is only as good as the next day it puts on. The vast majority of our bookings are repeat and it is word of mouth, not advertising, that fills the balance of the days.

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