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Wildlife Systems, Inc,  Tx 76903   ,  United States, Deer, Mule deer, Antelope, Kudu, Elk, Aoudad sheep, White tail deer, Gemsbok, Pronghorn antelope, Quail, Turkey, Dove

Wildlife Systems, Inc

Tx 76903 , United States
Deer, Mule deer, Antelope, Kudu, Elk, Aoudad sheep, White tail deer, Gemsbok, Pronghorn antelope, Quail, Turkey, Dove

ildlife Systems, Inc. was formed by wildlife biologist, Greg Simons, in 1987. The company’s core mission remains the same today, as it did when it began, which is to offer quality hunting services on private lands, while also providing various wildlife management services to private landowners and others who desire technical assistance with wildlife-related matters.

Unlike some hunting-related service companies, Wildlife Systems, Inc. is not simply a booking agency, as the company is also integrally involved with the fulfillment end of operating the camps from which their outfitted hunts are conducted, including scheduling of guides, cooks, and other support staff, not to mention the assortment of pre-hunt and post-hunt work that goes into providing a quality deer hunt, from start to finish. The company’s dedication to delivering service with excellence was noted through its recognition in 2002 as “Dodge Outfitter of the Year,” and Wildlife Systems, Inc. has also been featured in many national magazines and television shows.

Wildlife Systems, Inc. has grown into one of the most widely recognized deer and exotic hunting operations in the United States, currently operating hunts on some 800,000 acres of private land in Texas and New Mexico, on many different properties scattered over a wide geographical area. It’s affiliate, Wildlife Consultants, LLC, has staff who are involved with various wildlife programs in Texas and several southeastern states, and between these two companies, they provide a broad range of services to hunters, landowners, bank trusts, hunting clubs, wildlife co-ops, and others who are in need services that relate to commercial exotic, deer hunting and wildlife management programs.

Texas Whitetail Deer Hunts
No other game animal has shaped our American hunting culture as much as whitetail deer. We are proud to offer our clientele a variety choices for their next whitetail deer hunt. With some 100,000 acres scattered out on almost 10 different private properties, Wildlife Systems manages a diverse mix of whitetail programs, both high-fenced, as well as free-ranging low fenced deer herds. These are all wild deer…no pen-raised and released deer. So, whether you are looking for a deer hunt for yourself, or perhaps a corporate excursion, or something for friends and family, Wildlife Systems is capable of catering to your unique needs for your next Texas deer hunt.

Texas Mule Deer Hunting
Often considered "Texas Other Deer," the secret is now out on the quality mule deer hunting opportunities that are found in Texas. With a statewide mule deer population approaching some 300,000, the vast majority of these deer are found on private ranches, many of which are managed specifically for deer and other wildlife species. Wildlife Systems offers quality Texas mule deer hunts on several large properties in the unspoiled Trans-Pecos part of the state, spanning from 27,000 acres to 200,000 acres, and our success rates are high on mature nice bucks.

Texas Spring Turkey Hunts
Whether you are looking to complete your turkey slam, or simply interested in a Rio Grande Turkey hunt, Wildlife Systems can take care of your needs. We offer hunts on several large properties, in both the south and north zones, and we also moderate our hunting pressure to ensure that we have good carryover of gobblers from year to year. It does not matter if you are a novice or a veteran turkey hunter, we can cater to your needs when considering your next Texas turkey hunt.

New Mexico Pronghorn Antelope Hunting
Considered to be North America's fastest land mammal, these "speed goats" offer a great hunting experience for a unique trophy. Wildlife Systems offers quality pronghorn antelope hunting on over 50,000 acres of private land in New Mexico, between Clayton and Raton. This is a relaxed hunt that takes place in late August, when few other hunting options are available in the Lower 48. Plenty of action, almost 100% harvest rate, nice weather, and great camaraderie, combine to make this New Mexico antelope hunt a can't miss hunting experience.

Texas Exotic Hunting
Hands down, Texas is king when it comes to destinations for exotic game hunts. Though Wildlife Systems has carved out our niche with our free-range aoudad sheep hunts in West Texas and our nilgai antelope hunts in far South Texas, we also offer a variety of options for various other big game exotics. These exotic game hunts are often a good choice during a time of the year when not many other hunting options are available. Call us to set up your Texas exotic hunting safari.

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