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Wilsonfontein, Karibib,  Namibia, Caracal, Leopard, Warthog, Springbok, Zebra, Brown hare, Ostrich, Gemsbok, Steenbok, Hyena, Greater kudu, Wild cat, Oryx


Karibib, Namibia
Caracal, Leopard, Warthog, Springbok, Ze...

Since 1938 Wilsonfontein is in the possession of our family. There are 28 858 ha of unique and picturesque landscape that you can visit, of course, free of malaria. We often get the compliment, Wilsonfontein is the most beautiful farm in Namibia. We offer starry nights around the campfire, climbing for all levels, unspoiled nature, unexplored or marked hiking tours, diverse wildlife, unique rock painting, Bushman pots, stone tools, mineral prospecting, geological faults, and more interesting. You won't miss out off-road. We also have stunning mountain passes that can be mastered only by foot, horse, bike or quad. Places for camping without facilities, are plentiful. You have the chance to drive 30 km along the old Bay road or hike along to him. Check it out, or better see for yourself.

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