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Wolverine Fell Wilderness And Nature,  99130 Sirkka,  Finland, Geese, Grouse, Capercaillie, Whitefish, Perch, Northern pike, Rainbow trout

Wolverine Fell Wilderness And Nature

99130 Sirkka, Finland
Geese, Grouse, Capercaillie, Whitefish, ...

Come and experience winter adventure near levi skiing center in finnish lapland. We offer reindeer safaris, ice fishing trips, snowshoes, kicksleds, sauna evenings, hunting excursions, rounding up of reindeer, marking of reindeer calves in the spring and for groups competitions in wilderness skills all year round. The company wolverine fell wilderness and nature (kätkätunturin erä ja luonto) was established in year 2000. It offers programme services all year round and includes also reindeer husbandry. The owner, kari siirtola, is a professional reindeer herder who has lived and hunted in this area some 10 km south west of levi skiing center in finnish lapland. More than 30 years of hunting experience in the surrounding areas make us experts in what we do. The land that we hunt on is private. The two lakes which are nearby our location are kätkäjärvi (wolverine lake) and hukkajärvi (wolf lake). All winter programmes start from the crossroad of kätkäjärventie and hukkajärventie roads. Summer programmes start at hukkajärvi lake.

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