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Zighenzani Africa Safaris,  Dordabis,  Namibia, Leopard, Warthog, Elephant, Zebra, Impala, Kudu, Cheetah, Eland, Shark, Other big game, Other fish, Buffalo

Zighenzani Africa Safaris

Dordabis, Namibia
Leopard, Warthog, Elephant, Zebra, Impal...

Zighenzani Africa Safaris was founded in 2004 by three professional hunters. We at Zighenzani would like to pass on our love for the outdoors and hunting to our clients in this vast country Namibia. Having grown up with hunting in Namibia we would like to share our experience with our clients. We hunt on ranchland aswell as in concessions. Everywhere we hunt we put emphasis on bagging a mature trophy and especially the method of hunting it. Hunting is done by “walk and stalk” or from a hide but not from trucks. Allow us the opportunity to make your dreams come true in the African bush.

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